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Thursday, July 18, 2019   /   by Mario Bucci

Summer Market Watch in Colorado

June 2018 vs. June 2019

So is it finally the time of the buyers again?
This year of 2019 we have really seen a shift in the market,
however subtle, we are doing away with bid wars
as well as an evening out of inflated housing prices.

New Listings
A steady rise in new listings is still being seen
7,460 has now become 7,565 for a 1.4% increase.

Home Sales
There was an 8% decrease in home sales (6,110 vs. 5,635)

Under Contract
There are 673 more listings under contract than last year,
Which could explain the 8% decrease in home sales. 
Through the summer we will most likely see an equilibrium on this.

Average Sale Price
We do still see a 2% rise in median single family home price,
we can expect to continue to see an appreciation
throughout the rest of the season.

Average Days on Market
A slight change, we only saw a 1 Day increase,
32 days, as opposed to 31 the previous year.

*For the short clip on this, click here*

DO NOT go blind into the ...

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Monday, July 8, 2019   /   by Mario Bucci

First Time Home Buyers Adventure Guide!

The How-To's on Buying your First Home

Buying a home is a complicated process..
For many it can be very overwhelming..
From that many fears can stem..
So how do you make it to the finish line?

Overcoming the Hurdles; What Fears are Present?

"I have no down-payment"
What you want and what you can afford is determined by the money that you have,
here is how to meet them in the middle...

Saving for a down payment
Getting Pre-qualified with a lender
Measuring your mortgage potential
Mortgage Programs to fit your financial profile

"Where do I begin"
During this adventure there will be many questions along the way.
The biggest the purchase of your life will be easy with a real estate professional by your side.
So come to me first, I am here solely in your best interest.
Guiding you to exactly to where you need to be.

"Will I find something I like"
Just like your first relationship you know that this might not be forever.
Yet it was something that you ...

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Thursday, June 27, 2019   /   by Mario Bucci

The Great Colorado Decision: Where to Live!

What do you want out of the Colorado Experience?

Whether you want a community experience, a metropolitan lifestyle, or a rugged terrain to call home, Colorado has it all!

Let's narrow it down; check out this list of popular places to live: Click Here

Upon deciding what fits your needs, contacting a broker is the next step!

As a Real Estate Professional, we have a multitude of services available at our disposal to pinpoint your exact desires, we can help with..

Where to Look
Recommending Lenders
Guiding you through showings
Inspections, Appraisals, Closing
General Counseling

It is our fiduciary duty to work in your best interest. If you are buying a home, the service is free. So why would you, not have someone working for you, in the biggest purchase of your life!

To start a home search you can use:

Mobile Interactive Site


Contact Me to get your home-buying packet, TODAY!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019   /   by Mario Bucci

A Snapshot at the Market

Deciding on whether or not to buy now?

Here's a short clip on our current market economy: CLICK

So what does this all mean?

Home sales, Average price, Days on market, Inventory, New listings, and houses under contract have all seen a steady increase from may of 2018.
With over 1,000 new listings and 1,000 houses under contract, it is safe to say that we continue to see a steady flow in the available inventory!
With a softening market, and more property becoming available for sale, we see that this is an opportune time to buy property in one of the most thriving markets in the nation!

Call or text me today, let your home work for YOU, and stop throwing away time + money on rent!

Most of my clients are all 1-2 years out on buying, do not hesitate to take advantage of my FREE advice!

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Monday, May 6, 2019   /   by Mario Bucci

First Time Home-Buying?

Stressed out about the biggest purchase of your life?

It's completely normal! 
There is a lot to learn, as well as a very competitive market..
Preapproval, Insurance, title insurance, and the loan process are strenuous..

The perfect home awaits! Here are some tips to get to the first finish line:

Be Ready
Work Backward
Don't Go at it alone
Remember: This is not your "forever home"
Give your budget top priority

By focusing on these mains areas, a first-time home buyer will be more than ready to find the perfect house to fit their needs!

To see what leading Colorado REALTORS® had to say on these tips, click: HERE

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